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Muscle Mighty is a leading science-based sports nutrition company. Our products being used by so many professional athletes & fitness lovers all over India.

In just a very short time span, Muscle Mighty has grown up significantly and today has become one of the choicest food supplements producer in India, Muscle Mighty is backed by a highly beneficial products who are desperately inclined to bring radical changes in the their body sphere, we have made our presence felt in our sphere and we wish to move further and further from here.

Our top priority is to help our clients to purchase correct and authentic product and help them to maintain their fitness.   

Key Features  & Benefits:

  • Provide rich carbs
  • Helps in refilling human body’s glycogen intensity
  • Contains high fiber content
  • Provide required calories
  • Help in staying lean in the process of mass gaining
  • Loaded with calories through carbohydrates and proteins
  • Limited amount of fats
  • Crafted for fitness lovers who want to gain sturdy muscles
  • Sustained calorie supply
  • Helps you to reach your body composition goals

Key Features  & Benefits:

  • Yeti Heavy Mass Gainer provides a convenient way to consume 360.7 high calories derived from 25g protein and 70g of carbohydrates with added vitamins & minerals in every serving.
  • Yeti Heavy Mass Gainer is a well-crafted Mass Gainer for gaining lean muscle, without gaining fat. Ideal for those who find it difficult to put on muscle, and are not getting results.
  • Fast and improved recovery: there’s a saying that “tomorrow’s workout starts with today’s recovery”. Hence this mass gainers drives anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into the muscle cells, which optimizes gains in muscle size and strength while accelerating post-workout recovery
  • Powerful heavy mass gainer: This extreme heavy mass gainer is the supplement weight gaining powder of the modern era made with revolutionary dense and functional protein, calories, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients

Key Features  & Benefits:

  • Muscle Mighty Fruit Mass Gainer fuels your body with 25g protein and 360.07 calories when you consume 2 scoop (60g) each with 300ml milk and carry out intense workout sessions
  • It helps in muscle building and repairing through its unique blend of slow, medium and fast-reacting proteins.
  • A blend of 5 protein sources that helps in speedy muscle recovery and maximize muscle size
  • It contains a perfect blend of fast and slow metabolizing carbohydrates that help in maintaining a sustained calorie supply in the body and provides sufficient energy for muscle growth and recovery
  • Muscle Mighty Fruit Mass Gainer is fortified with 27 essential vitamins and minerals along with a blend of digestive enzymes that helps in better absorption of nutrients and achieving great results

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